Gertrude, Cooper & Fall





I arrived at the farm this morning to find only five elderly ewes in the pasture with the horses. There had been six. As I fed the horses, chickens and sheep I decided to walk the pasture to see if I missed her as she is an independent soul. After a few minutes I came to the conclusion that she must have died during the week. I cried for a few moments realizing I would no longer see her coming up for evening rounds in her leisurely way. She was not much for affection but she did over the last two months allow me to scratch her itches on her chin and cheeks. My fondest memory of her happened about a month and a half to two months ago. I try to get on the level of the animals. I kneel to get eye level with dogs, cats, goats and sheep. I was kneeling on one knee scratching the other ewes itchy spots. Gertrude the old ewe came up and knocked two of the other ewes out of the way and lined her face up with my face. Sheep are generally skittish so I moved slowly and brought my hand up to scratch her chin. For the first time she let me touch her and I was so honored. The moment was spiritual for me when she licked me dead center on my forehead. After that she would let me touch her sometimes for a brief second other times for a few minutes. I will miss the old gal. I posted the yellow flowers in her memory. The sheep pictured in this post is the most skittish I deal with but slowly she is coming up to me. She licked my hand today but I think it was more she was looking for food.

The next photo is of Cooper and Coach Taylor. Coach Taylor is the cat who keeps a keen eye on everything. Cooper is one of my favorite dogs to walk. We go through every socio/economic element on our walks and he quietly walks past everything and everyone. He listens to me and as we walk he keeps an eye on me and every hundred yards or so he taps my knee with his nose never breaking stride. We walk through historic sections of town, past seven churches, past old neighborhoods and a burgeoning neighborhood struggling to reinvent itself. I am mindful a black lab coming down the sidewalk can be intimidating to some people so he sits quietly when I ask him to or we cross the street to make others feel comfortable. I know it’s human nature to judge things whether consciously or unconsciously but if people would just take a moment they would see Cooper is a love bug. I walk other dogs who are smaller and look innocent but would happily sink their teeth in your ankle. Cooper is a great dog and along with Coach Taylor make a beautiful team. They hang out with each other and are a hoot.

The last photo of the World Trade Center was sent to me by a special man in my life. I love that he shares photos of his life and NYC with me. He is amazing and makes me incredibly happy. I cannot remember a time when I have been happier than I am now.

I hope everyone is doing well as we head into fall. It is my favorite season of the year. I miss the foliage of New England but enjoy the arrival of the Canada Geese here on the bay. Ospreys will be leaving soon as will the hummingbirds. I am looking forward to the lunar eclipse October 8. Have a beautiful Saturday night and Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Gertrude, Cooper & Fall

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog today. Fall also is my favorite time of year. To me it symbolizes a new start. I know some people would think that odd, that Fall is a symbol of things going to sleep and disappearing to gather strength for the coming of spring. To me Fall symbolizes a new adventure. New notebooks, pens, going back to school, new classes to learn new things and meeting new people.’ All change goes in my life has occurred in the Fall. That was when I made my moves, relocating from state to state. I always looked forward to the new things that were going to happen in my life.? Now that I am retired and am in my late sixities a lot of things that I associated with Fall I no longer do. My thoughts go right back to that shiny new black notebook that I soon will be filling up with knowledge, but alas I no longer do that. As for moving I wish I could hit the open road again. I have been married twice and both wedding occurred in the Fall. I think of Frank Sinatra’s song, I think the title is Autumn of my years(?). Not guite sure of the title.

    I also love you photographs.

    Linda Weinschenk

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. I must confess that I don’t do it regularly but every once in awhile I’ll catch up. I was surprised to read that you find people uncomfortable with Cooper. Who doesn’t love a lab. I’ve been around quite a few (I’m not a dog owner.) and have always found them to be sappy. loving dogs. Of course, they do have somewhat gross eating habits:-)

    • Where I live we have a large immigrant community as well as others who historically are fearful of any large dogs. Not everyone is comfortable with dogs. I found it out first hand when I took my golden retriever to work with me one day and three people jumped away from her despite her being a therapy dog. After that I never assumed everyone likes dogs. But I’m with you most labs are love bugs.

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