Saturday Morning, Airport Day & NYC






It was a beautiful day today, the sun was shining, humidity was low and clouds were few. I love being able to work outdoors most of the time. I arrived at the farm and fed the chickens first then the sheep and finally the horses. The chickens will follow me from my car back to the barn. Tonight while I was there I stood off to the side of the driveway and they all gathered with me. There was traffic going up and down the drive and not everyone slows down for the chickens. After I fed the animals I set about cleaning the water troughs and feed tubs. I love getting the troughs as clean as they were when they were brand new. I'd drink out of a trough I cleaned. I took the picture of Flash the horse from the outbuilding and loved the angles the building provided. Flash is such a sweet horse. After I finished with the animals I headed out to the garden to care for the plants. I ran into my boss and checked in with him. I enjoy working for him and what a difference it makes when you like both your job and boss.

The dew was heavy and clinging to all the plants, grasses and trees today. I took the two flower photos in the garden this morning and was delighted with the results. I tried to get a picture of the dew on the lambs ears plants but they didn't photograph how I envisioned. It was magical though. The dew made the lambs ears look blue and silver. It was stunning. I did like the way the dew looked on the Black-eyed Susans and the hibiscus flower. I think it's a hibiscus I may be wrong.

The last picture was taken at my town's airport day. I stayed outside the grounds of the airport along with about fifty other cars. I love that in my town you can hang out along the airport fence and not be chased away even though the airport is one the government uses to force planes down who violate DC airspace. The airport day had tours of planes and helicopters as well as a plane pull and a car show. It was cool to watch the old planes take off and then join up and fly in formation. I love the roar of old plane engines. Along the road with me were WWII vets, Vietnam vets, families and couples. I watched the show for about fifteen minutes before heading off to a job. Earlier in the morning I bought 14 books at a book fair the next town over. The only function I was not able to attend was Fredrick Douglass Day. I really wanted to hear the talk and do the tour of the Hill. I hope they publish a book or something as I have missed every tour and talk of the Hill. I walk dogs through the Hill area every week. It wasn't until they started publishing stories in the newspaper that I found out I was walking through history. A Buffalo soldiers home, historic black neighborhoods and churches as well as older homes in the district. My little town has a lot going on and I really enjoy it.

Things are going very well with my romantic life. Something I never expected to be saying given the false starts and failed relationships in my past. I have to say I feel closer and more connected to my NYC man than I ever have with men I've dated in my town or even lived with. NYC and I talk every day, sometimes for hours. He has really taken the time to get to know me and isn't put off by my love of astrophysics, books, animals and Doctor Who. He works as crazy of work schedule as I do so it is nice to have someone who understands that. I love the picture of NYC he sends me. I have always loved that city. I shared a picture of a beautiful sunset earlier this week and asked him if he had a chance to see it. He said no as there are buildings blocking his views of the sky. I took it for granted that everyone can see the sky as where I live there are miles and miles of open land and sky. NYC makes me happy and it sure is showing by my smile lately.

I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here on Maryland's Eastern Shore. As always I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog, comments on it and shares it. It is something I never expected when I started it. You all are a source of joy for me. Namaste.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning, Airport Day & NYC

  1. So glad you are feeling so happy! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life and your beautiful pictures, too! Life is good here in Colorado. Leaves are turning and the elk are bulging!

  2. Speaking of astrophysics, I was catching up on some of this year’s earlier editions of National Geographic and discovered that “event horizon” had a specific meaning. Took me long enough…!

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