Fall, Coleus & Looking Ahead





The weather has been beautiful the past few days. Temps have been cooler, little humidity, a breeze in the air-fall is here. I have been taking care of a dog who gets me up early in the morning so I’ve caught some lovely sunrises. This morning’s is captured in the second photo. I have been scanning the skies for incoming flocks of Canada geese. They are getting louder but I think most have been resident geese and not migrating ones. I love to hear their calls. Some nights they wake me up either flying over or hanging out on the pond in front of the home. The osprey have headed south for the year. The first photo was the sky as I headed to work tonight.

I love coleus plants though at times struggle to see the colors as nature intended. I used to grow them quite a bit growing up but have not had one in years. Lately I have grown cactus, aloe, geranium and kalenchoe. I am hoping to head to the local greenhouse in the spring and get a head start on herbs and maybe some new houseplants. I recently brought all my houseplants in for the year. They are outside from May to October.

The bottom photo I took while walking a dog today. As always I love my town and walking through it. It makes me happy. I have lots of books to read as we head into colder weather and winter. I’m looking forward to winter for the first time in years. I’m especially looking forward to spending time with NYC.

I’m looking forward to heading to a horse show this Sunday. Going out to dinner my best friend tonight or tomorrow. I hope you have a great weekend. Are you looking forward to fall or winter and any good books?

7 thoughts on “Fall, Coleus & Looking Ahead

  1. I too am looking forward to more inside time this winter to sew on my quilts, do some knitting and reading. But I will still be outside to walk my sweet dog.

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  2. Hi, Becca! Love the coleus photo. I enjoy growing them, too. So many colors and some with fancy ruffles. Also enjoyed the photo of the pond. Looks so relaxing. I, too, am looking forward to cool weather. Has been in the high 80s and 90s here to date. Supposed to get lots of rain today and a cool front pushing through, thank goodness. My book shelf is also holding lots of goodies to peruse in the winter months. I just picked up Tiny Buddha by Lori Deschene, simple wisdom for life’s hard questions. I can always use some of that, don’t you know? And Dust by Patricia Cornwell. I love her strong character, medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta, and her story lines always keep my nose in her books!! The kind you read while cooking, in the bath tub, in front of the TV, etc. Keep up the great work with your photography. Those beautiful shots really brighten my day. Glad you are looking forward to snuggly weather this year. You go, girl, and enjoy some a’hugging and a’kissing with NYC. Ha, ha, ha, ain’t love grand? Take care.

    • I’ll have to check out those books. They sound great! Thanks for your kind words about the photos. I do love taking them. And thanks for the encouragement in my love life. Love is grand! I had not expected to find it again and am enjoying every moment.

  3. I really like fall, and as we will be heading East, I am really looking forward to seeing the colors there! Not looking forward to winter! Already snow is on the mountains!
    Just got a stack of books for my birthday so looking forward to reading them. Just finished a Wolf called Romeo, excellent (but heartbreaking at times) book! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi Becca, have you already read books by Louise Dickinson Rich — Maine author? Because if you haven’t, pick up a copy of “She Took To The Woods” before you head out on your vacation! Great read, as are all of her books.

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