Saturday & Connecting Souls





It rained last night and a cold front came through producing winds all day today and great clouds. The farm was quiet and peaceful. After feeding the sheep, horses and chickens I set about cleaning the water troughs. Cleaning troughs is my zen practice. I enjoy it and the gratification of producing a clean trough and watching the horses line up for a drink of water.

The elderly sheep are now down to four from seven when I started in the spring. They all came up for food this morning while the horses headed into the pasture for the day. The breeding ewes have been moved up to a pasture next to the horse pasture. I like it as I get a chance to interact with them prior to lambing in the spring. The two in the first picture are obviously the friendliest. The black and white ewe is the boss ewe but very laid back and always comes to the fence line when I stop to watch everyone. The white ewe bonded with me this past spring after she gave birth to a precocious lamb. When the herd sees the two of them come up to me it encourages the others to trust me. The black and white ewe at one point tonight looked me dead in my eyes and straight into my soul. It gave me goosebumps and also a sense of peace and belonging in the universe.

As I drove down the drive this morning in the gray drizzly day the yellow flowers were calling to me. I had to get pictures and was not disappointed. I love yellow!

Life is good and I am looking forward to vacation later this month. Maine is calling!

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