Cleaning, Holidays & Snowy Owls





As I stated in my last post I have been busy cleaning, decluttering and hunkering down for winter. I cleaned my kitchen and bathroom today. I even cleaned the shelves of my refridge. I feel a sense of accomplishment in my little tasks I check off the past few days. Now I need to tackle my bedroom. This is where I toss everything that I will put away eventually. But honestly I really need to downsize this room. I hope to be finished my pre winter clean out by Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving pet sitting gets busier just with weather issues and UPS kicks into high gear. I figure if my place is cleaned now my life will be a bit easier and when NYC visits in January.

I am almost finished my Christmas shopping. I buy local and from local trades people. Because my family celebrates Christmas early I’m forced to have my shopping down early however I’m free of the usual holiday stress. Also working for a shipping company and for years listening to people scream at me about how I ruined their Christmas because their package was held up due to a snowstorm, ice storm or the fact that they ordered their packages December 23 I learned to shop early. People expect cargo planes to fly in weather they would not want to fly in and would be appalled if their plane took off in an ice storm. They also expect the drivers to drive up unplowed roads, driveways not get stuck and deliver with a smile. Most drivers do smile but we all get grief this time of year over deliveries. The next hell delivery holiday is Valentine’s Day followed closely by Mother’s Day. Anyhow I digress, I get my shopping done early. I am determined this year to enjoy the holiday season and not let others bother me as I’ve done in the past.

To that end I’m thinking of heading out this weekend to search for snowy owls that have been sighted in my area. I’ve started a few books. I’m writing more, taking more photos and practicing my walking meditation. I really need to get back to Tai Chi. I love talking with NYC every day. And finally I love everyone who reads my blog, either on a regular basis or even those who stumbled on here. I really do appreciate it very much. What do you do to make the holidays better? What do you do for yourself? I hope everyone has a great Thursday and stay warm if you are in the US it sure got cold! If you are in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy your spring!!

2 thoughts on “Cleaning, Holidays & Snowy Owls

  1. Hi, Becca! Love your Christmas cactus. What a shot of color! Has been cold here in the southern US, last 2 weeks down into 20s every night, hard frost on the ground every morning. Yet, today (Friday) the sun is shining, a gentle breeze blowing, and the window thermometer showing high 60s. Expecting severe weather this weekend with lots of rain, damaging winds, and tornado watch. I cope with holiday stress by trying to stick to my daily walks for exercise, eating as healthy as possible, getting lots of doggie hugs and kisses from my 2 fuzzy-wuzzies, knitting for relaxation while in front of the TV after a busy day, and making sure to get lots of sleep, though I have to say I am a bit relieved when the new year rolls around and we all can ease back into “normal” life. Wishing you a happy holiday season – and thanks for all your lovely photos all year round and your sweet blog. You brighten my days!!!

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