Sunsets, Decluttering & Judgements





The sunsets lately have been simply beautiful. I love this time of year. Most people get withdrawn or depressed as daylight grows shorter and the weather gets colder but I, in recent years look forward to it. The way the sun comes across the sky in winter lights up different parts of my apartment and throws out the best sunsets. I took the first picture last weekend while at the farm. I stayed parked in one spot for so long my boss came to see if I was alright. I really liked the way the sunlight played across the wool of the sheep and the way light filtered through the trees. The best part of sunsets for me in darkness comes quickly behind it and with the weather being colder the stars seem clearer than in the humidity of summer.

I have started my annual decluttering of my apartment. I am much more successful when doing this as we head into winter than doing a spring clean out. When spring comes I want to be outside listening to the spring peeper frogs, the birds and foxes. I have taken two boxes to goodwill. I am hoping to donate blankets and toiletries to my town’s neighborhood care center. I am always of the belief “There but for the grace of God go I.” My friends and family question my wisdom when I give money to homeless people. I always hear they are just going to use it for drugs and I say how do you know? I’ve watched many buy food or a cup of coffee. I would like to think if I was in that position people would not judge me. I give thanks everyday that I have food on my table, a roof over my head, heat, air conditioning, clothes and money to pay my bills.

I took a canning class recently and loved it. I backed the project on Kickstarter and got a private canning class. I learned so much and felt a connection with my grandmothers and their grandmothers. Even in my little apartment I am able to can food. I highly recommend everyone learn how.

I am looking forward to a visit soon from NYC. Hopefully before December but if not than sometime over winter. I am finding a long distance relationship to be fulfilling as we have taken time to get to know each other. We talk almost every day. I love that he has no problem with my work schedule-you’d be surprised how many men are bothered by my schedule working nights at ups and working with mostly men. I don’t even think women make up ten percent of the workforce in my building. He knows I love art and shares the love with me. We send each other lots of pictures of our respective towns. I get pictures of One World Trade, the Bronx and subway stations. I send him pictures of the horses, sheep and chickens I care for as well as many sunset and flower pictures. I hope we get along in person as well as we do via phone. I am astonished at the judgements people have put on me and my relationship with NYC and most of it comes from people used to me being single and available whenever. People worry about out age difference and the physical distance. However with all the judgements swirling around they fail to see the most important thing-how happy I am and how happy he is. And that’s what counts. I am happier than I’ve ever been and NYC is the first man I wish my Dad could have met. I’ve never thought that about any other man in my life.

My hope for all as we head from autumn to winter that you have a roof over your head , food on your table and to be free of judgements on yourself and others. Life is too short to sit and judge others. Be happy!! And enjoy nature!

4 thoughts on “Sunsets, Decluttering & Judgements

  1. Becca, good for YOU. I sense your contentment and that is the whole goal.
    Enjoy every minute, whatever you happen to be doing. Living with and in happiness creates magical moments. Hold on to those.

  2. I’m also taking pleasure in the simple things, as the cold forces me to focus on projects similar to yours – sorting through clothes to give away, books, paperwork, writing, files that have become disorganized due to frequent trips away from home, and of course cleaning, repairs, and making this place comfortable for the winter. With forced air heat and a new dog who brings more fur and dust into the picture, I’m back in housekeeping mode, changing furnace filters, cleaning, dusting and vacuuming more than in summer. The salutary effect on my psyche is immediate. I’m not canning, but experimenting with recipes that warm the kitchen and flood the house with the intoxicating scent of seasonal spices. Time to start feeding the birds. They are coming to remind me… Doves, jays, and recently a huge covey of quail. I think quail come in coveys. A mob, anyway. The leaves fell this past week, as cold descended early here in Northern New Mexico. The trees in my front yard didn’t have a chance to change color, so the ground is covered now with a thick layer of green leaves that is quickly changing to brown. The sound of the frozen leaves thawing was a little like rain a few mornings ago. Thank you for sharing the simple gifts that come from creating new order, purity, and generous intentions in your home and heart.

  3. Beautiful photos, Becca! Those gorgeous leaves. I am pea green with envy as I do not get anything that beautiful here in southern Louisiana. Hope you enjoy NYC’s visit and getting to know him a little bit more up close and personal. Do what makes you happy, girlie, because life is so short. It flies by in a flash, so grab all the happiness you can when it comes around. You deserve it!

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