Mindfulness. & Five Year Plans






I had not realized how much I had embraced mindfulness and living each day as it comes until my therapist asked me where do I see myself in five years? And I had no answer. I am in a 401K plan so I am planning somewhat. The only true thing I do know is I don’t think I can do my night job for another five years. And there lies a quandary in five years I will be fifty. Not the best time to start over in the employment world. My hope is my pet and house sitting business can sustain me. I’m hoping NYC will still be in my life. I think I may have a book to write though I’m sure lots of people think they have books in them too.

So about the five year plan, what do you think? Do you make five year plans? I take photos a lot more now than I did five years ago and chase the light and shadows as evidenced by the sunsets, shades and trellis pictures I’ve included in this post. I’m more at peace than I was five years ago. What I want and need in friendships and relationships has changed too.

I am on vacation this week and looking forward to attending the Maryland Horse Expo tomorrow, I hope to go to Assateague Island, read many of the books I have about my apartment and draw. Sadly NYC is not able to visit this month. I’ve learned a lot about myself being with NYC. I find a sense of peace and happiness with him that I have not had before. Despite our age difference and distance I find it to be a relationship that is working well for me.

Have a beautiful weekend!

7 thoughts on “Mindfulness. & Five Year Plans

  1. Just because other people think they have books in them doesn’t make your story any less valuable. Write it! I don’t really make 5 year plans, though it’s an interesting idea. Perhaps I’ll start… 🙂

  2. Unfortunately where I had hoped to see myself 5 years ago, is nothing like what it is now. So no 5 year plan for me. I am really trying to just live day by day, and take things as they come. I am trying to live a more peaceful, less hectic, less stressful life right now.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I used to have multiple year plans, at least financially, but learned that while I plan, God laughs…I plan now only to be faithful to where God leads…and He is leading me to places I couldn’t imagine…I knew a monk who used to say something about knowing that God is in charge when you life doesn’t make any sense, and for me that seems to be true…I am actually rather goal centered, but have learned to change them as needed. I journal which helps me to plan, but constantly evaluate and revise…but I have health issues that make it important to do so? (I think?). Very thought provoking blog…thanks! Take care! jane

  4. I don’t really seem aware of ever actually sitting down and “making plans”. Mostly I keep myself open for opportunities and then try stuff. For who knows what reason, so far in my life I’ve been quite lucky doing just that.

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