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I am off from ups this weekend and am enjoying my vacation. It took me until Wednesday to not feel so darn tired. On Sunday I attended the Maryland Horse Expo with my friend Jenn. We wandered the two buildings spoke to many people and took in two demos. The first demo was given by a local well known clinician. After watching I was appalled at the dangerous things they tried to teach in hopes you would purchase their goods. It makes me sad that so many people follow this clinician. But to each their own. The one demo I really enjoyed was Western Dressage. I have long followed and ridden classical dressage. Western Dressage fascinates me. I wasn’t able to ask a question during the demo as others had many questions but later while walking through the trade show i spotted the clinician walking through the floor and stopped to ask my question. He very graciously answered my question and encouraged us to stop by his booth to get more info on the associations for Western Dressage. Also at the expo I saw my first white shire.

I loved the light that came through the snow clouds yesterday and took the picture of the ornament in my window. Yes I know I still have Christmas up in my apartment. I step to my own timeline. The other photos with the exception of Cooper the lab I took this afternoon on a walk through my neighborhood. I think I’m the only one who uses the walking trails in the front of the housing development. I love the trails as I run across deer, rabbits, hawks and ducks.

One of these days I will get all my books and clothes put away. I feel bad about it even though I live alone that my place is a bit untidy. Every magazine, HGTV show, life coaches and others browbeat us into thinking everything must be neat and tidy, everything in its place and organized. I realized Wednesday besides not being tired anymore I was beating myself up for what I love- books, movies, plants and a general laid back way of living. My home will never be neat and tidy. It is clean but I love my books and having them near to read. I find my life more fulfilling in that I learn something new every day, challenge myself every day and try to talk to new people every day. I’m an intensely private person despite posting a blog and really don’t have people over to my apartment. If I let you in it means I value you and our friendship.

I had two interesting conversations on Facebook today. One involved society’s attempt to classify women who date younger men as cougars-a term I detest but one I’m told I should embrace. When I meet someone I don’t see age or race I just see the person. Rather like the term Namaste, the soul in me sees the soul in you or a variation of that. I have had some of the most fulfilling conversation with my best friend’s daughter who at five was an old soul. NYC is fifteen years younger than me. We have more in common and meet on a soul level. People want to classify, draw sides and dictate what they believe is correct. No one has noticed I dance my own dance. The conversation I had on Facebook was on a well known cook’s Facebook page. Im going to nerd out on you and say how excited I was that they or their people commented on my post and intelligent conversation took place. The other conversation I had also on Facebook was how many churches my town has-22. People were astonished. Religion is big below the Mason-Dixon Line. I do not partake in formal religion but do enjoy the architecture of the church’s.

So in closing tonight’s blog post what are your thoughts on relationships that have large age differences and how many churches are in your town. I’m hoping to photograph all twenty two in my town over the next few weeks. Have a beautiful night and check out the night sky-Venus and mercury just after sunset, Jupiter around 9:00PM and Saturn for those of you with insomnia.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts, Conversations & Questions

  1. I married a man only two years younger than me, but body-wise, being of poor health, he is much, much younger than me. He is very kind about helping me with things that are growing more difficult for me to do. I have a friend who is with a woman at least 5 years older than he is and again, she is actually younger in many ways than he is…chronological age differences don’t tell the whole picture…perhaps one should count “the rings” in our bones to determine our real age, like how we determine a tree’s age or perhaps some sort of child test could be given to determine who is really younger…These are my thoughts. What matters is “the fit”…It is nice when one compliments the other in terms of talents, thoughts and temperaments–the balance is what is critical. These are my thoughts…I love the questions….with as many answers as there are people! I appreciate your blog…very nice!

  2. Enjoyed your post. I can relate, wanting to learn something new daily and talk to people, learn something, understand another person’s view. Plus I have stuff around and books bring me joy, just the thought of reading them someday. I also feel pressure (but not enoughh to change) to conform to society’s view of how a home should look. I rather my home feel lived in, speaking of me and my loved ones. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hi, Becca! Glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation. . .a stay-cation can be quite rewarding in its own way.

    About the age difference in your relationship with NYC, if you were a man I do not think anyone would even be making a comment!!! After all the improvements in women’s lives with the feminist movement, why is there still this silly discrepancy? I do not know. Makes no sense. I say consider it, yes, just as you would other traits in an individual, but do not let it hinder you from enjoying someone’s company and/or love. I think it comes down to not allowing society to dictate the way you should live. You are the one who has to deal with a relationship. If you find it acceptable, then go for it. If you do not, then let it pass by. Perhaps others choose to judge because they could be PEA GREEN WITH ENVY. Many years ago I worked with a woman who gave me a quote that I have found extremely useful throughout my life in various situations:
    Here lies man’s terrible dilemma: He exists only through the evaluation of others, yet he can ultimately trust only his own taste and judgment.

    Yes, here in Louisiana there are many churches, even in the tiny town where I presently live (there is only one traffic stoplight!). What a great country we live in, where we can worship at any church we wish or none at all. Such a priceless freedom.

    Love the ornament photo and the others, too. Cooper’s face is hilarious!
    Much love,

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