Assateague, Being a Spaz & Stargazing






I was on vacation last week and visited Assateague Island on Friday. It was perfect weather-slightly overcast, no wind and in the low forties. I spent half an hour in the visitors center. It really is a nice visitors center and I love stopping by. They have chairs with spotting scopes outside, an interactive touch tank, a nice viewing tank, a movie viewing room and a small discreet gift shop. I purchased postcards to send to my friend and her family in Colorado. I also picked up a set of gift cards and a pocket guide to life on Assateague. I enjoyed chatting with the woman in the center. I headed out to my car and drove onto the island. I usually drive up to the national park and turn around prior to their parking lot. I came upon five horses-two in the road crossing and three waiting to cross. One of the horses was young-a yearling I believe. They are beautiful and I find less attracted to people in winter so you can observe them more naturally without them walking up to your car or campsite looking for food. I took a few photos and then drove to the state park and much to my surprise I had the parking lot to myself. I climbed out of my car and was excited to think I may have the beach to myself. As I climbed the pathway to the beach I found I did have the beach to myself. It was sheer unadulterated bliss and filled me with such joy and peace. I ventured a little way down the beach and searched for shells. It was a few days after a storm and a storm was brewing at sea. I found the most amazing oyster shells-some as large as my hand, I found whelks and small crab shells. I stayed on the beach about half an hour before turning back. I was disappointed to find two people joined me on the beach. Mind you now there were three of us on thirty five miles of beach. They went the opposite direction of me obviously not wanting my company anymore than I wanted theirs. I happily drove off the island and went to visit my aunt who lives nearby.

I love Assateague Island and am grateful I live fairly close.

The next day upon returning home I found I had been struck down my a chest cold which proceeded to knock the stuffing out of me for the week. I ended up missing two days of work. I rested a lot, coughed a lot and went through more Kleenex than I care to think about. In my down time I focused on nothing else other than trying to get better. I remembered the peace and bliss I felt at Assateague and hope to get back to that feeling soon.

NYC and I are still going strong. He is quite patient with me as every so often I spaz out and worry about everything and the doubts that can creep into a long distance relationship. God bless him he has never done anything to make me question, it is my own insecurities that rear it’s ugly head. NYC reassures me and is just wonderful to me. He really is a blessing in my life.

I think everyone knows I love to read. I love children’s picture books, young adult books, non fiction, history and science as well as the occasional piece of fiction. I received a children’s book today that I just love. It’s called The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. It is charming and inspires creativity. Check it out!

Have a beautiful weekend. Check out Venus so bright after sunset until about 7:15pm. Mars is a faint point of light an arms length above it. Jupiter comes out around 8:30 or so. It is beautiful viewing!!

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