Finding Confidence & Lambs

In the past week on Maryland’s Eastern Shore we have had two snow storms, an ice storm, frigid temps but today may be the light at the end of the tunnel. Today it was in the forties and tomorrow in the fifties with temps approaching sixties by next weekend. This morning as I drove to the farm I was treated to one of my favorite sights hoar frost. I love it and stopped a few times to just look at it.  I knew it would be gone in a few hours and I probably won’t see it again until next winter. 

Last night as I was talking with NYC I was sharing my insecurities and fears over the arrival of lambing season at the farm. I know horses much more than sheep. I told NYC the first of the lambs aren’t due until Monday but with my luck some would be born this weekend. Though he doesn’t know much about farm animals I felt better after talking with him. Sure enough when I arrived at the farm I found the first lamb resting next to his mom. She was pretty mellow. The rest of the ewes were jockeying for position to be fed first. I shooed the ewes out of the barn and closed the gates to move the lamb and ewe to the lambing stalls. At first the ewe would not follow me and her lamb that I was now holding. I thought maybe I shooed his mother out as the ewe kept running away to try to join the herd outside. The lamb I was holding didn’t help by being silent. Usually they make noise and mom cones running. I put the lamb in the stall and he finally made a sound and her came mom! I gave him some vitamins and iodined his navel then fed mom. I called my boss and the head animal caretaker. The caretaker came out to the farm to check on the ewe and lamb as it was the ewes first lamb and I had not seen the lamb drink any milk from his mom. He finally drank when the caretaker arrived. The picture with the orange glow I took tonight and both were looking very alert and well. 

Tonight after feeding everyone I tried taking a photo of Agnes the ewe with a brownish face when bells photobombed her. It made me laugh.

Tonight’s sunset was beautiful and I was standing on the second board of a four board fence line. I love my sunsets. Was able to see Venus, Mars and Jupiter come out. 

I love when the lambs arrive but have to admit I still love caring for the elderly ewes much more. 

I treated myself to a trip to the used bookstore in the next town this morning. It was packed today but I made my way through and found two books. One book is the letters of Winston Churchill and his wife and the second book is on the weather and natural disasters. The owner of the store surprised saying it was good to see me. He can be quite quirky and a little aloof. It was kind of nice to be acknowledged.

Have any of you checked out the planets in the night sky? It is worth the look. I often wonder what the sky looked like millions of years ago as the stars were closer together. It must have been something to see. Have a beautiful weekend. And thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Finding Confidence & Lambs

  1. Your weekend sounds ideal, Becca. Something in your writings always restores me. Thanks.

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