Sunsets, Nerd Love & Thoughts

After all the snow, rain and gray skies I was excited to see the sunsets and their colors calling me to step outside my office in the warehouse. The weather has warmed up and the spring peeper frogs are calling. The frogs were so loud last night I could hear them from inside my office with the door closed.

I was not successful in doing my spring cleaning during the winter this year so I’m hoping to get a jump on it by the end of this month. I always have grand plans but find it hard to give up books and art. I have managed to update my wardrobe. I hate clothes shopping but have found some great buys on eBay. See once I find clothes that fit I hunt down more of the same brand.

I have to sit down this weekend and write some letters to friends who do not email or text. Yes I know I can call them but I am very quite akward on the phone unless it’s my mom who I am talking to. I am even akward when talking on the phone with NYC. Nerd love at it’s best. We text a lot and say a lot when we text but we do try to talk on the phone at least once a week. I love that we agree we suck at talking on the phone with each other.

This weekend there should be more lambs at the farm. I think only one or two are due to lamb on my watch this weekend. Next weekend I think five are due to lamb! Yikes. I find people’s disconnect with how food is raised be it animal or plant quite interesting and a little sad. The lambs I care for are raised for meat. They are cute as can be but I know most will be gone by the end of the year. They are given the bst care during their lives. People often romantantisize farm life they forget how weather affects animals and plants, freak accidents can occur, sometimes life and death hang in the balance but for the most part life ticks along everyday without much drama.

The last photo is of my buddy Milton. I just love this shot. I lay down on the floor to take the picture. 

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Sunsets, Nerd Love & Thoughts

  1. Love your photos…and your photo of Milton is wonderful….Nerd love??…real love I think….my need for excitement and infatuation has past…I will take comfortable nerd love now instead!! Hang in there! love, jane

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