Bells, Quiet & Movies


I’m watching my cousin and her wife’s dog for a few days while they are on vacation. Watching their dog has allowed me to slow down for a few days. We take a number of walks a day, she doesn’t complain about my music and we like the same movies. Last night we watched Witness for the Prosecution and today we watched two James Bond movies-Goldeneye and Casino Royale. 

The farm was quiet today. I enjoyed taking photos. I was trying to get a picture of Bells lamb with the black chin but she is quick and independent. That’s Bells and her lamb in the first photo. The next photo is of number seven who is a ham. All the lambs gather in two spots while their moms eat and that is the third picture. The gathering, 

The sunset tonight and the moon through my bedroom window. I’m looking forward to some time off from my night job next week and am counting down the days. I’m hoping to clean do a little gardening and go to Assateague. I hope to read more too. And I really need to do my taxes. I’m a last minute filer. 

Have a beautiful Monday and thanks for all the interaction the last few days!

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