Mindfulness, Readjusting and Happy Easter


One week on and I’m readjusting to the changes in my life. I find writing helps me as well as poetry. I practice tai chi and mindfulness. I’m still hurting but not quite as much. I still have no answer from NYC in spite of reaching out to him. I have immersed myself in photography and reading. And am enjoying chatting with my friends on Facebook. I play trivia crack and have been playing with the same player for about two weeks. I like this person as the game we play goes on for a few days each time. So far he has won far more than I have but I hold my own. I suck at the entertainment category but kick butt with history , science, geography and art. 

With the exception of the daffodil picture I took all of these today. There are twenty seven lambs at the farm. The first lamb picture are two of the bottle babies this morning.  I loved how the sun came across them.  The next one is of Freckles and her twins. The twins are her first lambs and she seems to be a good mother. The next photo is a close up of number six. A clivia blooming in the greenhouse and finally Josephine with Jessica at sunset. 

I felt energized at the farm today rather than feeling overwhelmed. I believe all the lambs are born. They gather in large groups in the field and go looking for trouble. They run, jump and act silly. They make me laugh. I still love the elderly ewes more but the lambs are cute. 

In readjusting my thinking around my current life I find myself drawn to art and writing and am looking to hopefully donate my things I no longer need. It was a long gray and cold winter not as much snow as my brethren up north but long none the less. Usually the winter wheat will be higher than it is now but I’m glad to see it at three inches out of the ground. Ospreys are nesting, trees are budding and flowers are starting to open. I’m looking forward to some time off in a week or so. 

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts to my previous post. It helped me a lot. 

Have a happy Easter!



6 thoughts on “Mindfulness, Readjusting and Happy Easter

  1. Becca, I am so sorry that you haven’t heard from him, but hang in there! Sometimes we are protected from our own heart’s delights for good reason, though it is impossible to know, understand or even care about that at the moment your heart is hurting. You continue to bring such good to all those around you, I am certain that it will come back to you in good measure when you are least expecting it and meanwhile persevere, knowing how many appreciate you! With love, jane

  2. Happy Easter! This winter took a bite out of all of us. It was like holding your breath for four months. The cold seemed to freeze everyone’s spirits along with the pipes. Here’s hoping the spring sun continues to melt away your mind’s pains and that each day you are refueled and re-energized. Like the sun illuminating the face of a fresh lamb, may that same warmth give you renewed strength to regain your sea-legs and hit the summer in full stride. Peace. John.

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