Channeling George Costanza, Relief & Hope


I decided to embrace Seinfeld’s character George Costanza when George did the opposite of what he would normally do. I applied it to my looking for a new relationship. I was on two dating sites. I reactivated one profile but did not have much success there. I was brutally honest on the second website and wrote in three sentences what I was looking for. I found I am popular among men who wish to have affairs despite my statement I’m only looking for a single person. I had one man message me telling me he knew how to make fat women happy. Thanks but I’m already happy and don’t need you to make me happy. Most people don’t understand that sentence but it is one I live by. After a week on the site I actually started talking to a man who lives fairly close. We have been on three dates and talk every day. The best is our schedules seem to work well together a rare find with my quirky work hours. He never once batted an eye about my working at ups at night. He actually has taken time to get to know me and we can discuss astrophysics together. He is older than me by eight years and honestly a real sweetheart. Hopefully things continue to move forward. I have not scared him off yet with my honesty and what I am looking for. I have really spoken my mind this time. Another George change for me. 

I am ever so grateful lambing season is over. Perhaps next year I won’t stress as much. I did better than I thought I would and my two bosses make it quite easy for me. They were always available for questions or assistance. I believe the final count was thirty lambs. I only named two in honor of my brother in law. We share a love of Star Trek. I named the first born lamb Riker and bell’s lamb Dr. Crusher. I do not name many lambs as they are raised for meat and I know they will be gone in about eight or nine months. I was kind of honored when one ewe cane up to me recently while I was checking on the herd and just wanted me to scratch her ears. She is not one who usually wants attention and the fact she sought me out made me feel loved. 

I received a beautiful leather journal in the mail today and can’t wait to write in it. I have to pare down some of my photos on my phone as I am running out of space. I find when I’m happy I take photos. I’m busy this month with pet sitting so I hope to be able to pare down the photos at some of my overnight jobs when it is quiet. I’ve been quietly expanding my business too with success. 

As for the pictures I’ve chosen for this post. They are all from the farm and as you can tell I love my close ups. I even caught a bee in one photo. 

I’ve slowly started to allow myself to perhaps think of myself as part of a couple and wonder what is down the road. I will see. I’m optimistic either way. Before I close check out the night sky! Where I live I can see Venus, Jupiter, the moon and Saturn all in a line around 9:35-11:00. It is wonderful. Blessings to all! 

11 thoughts on “Channeling George Costanza, Relief & Hope

  1. I love your sense of humor and honesty here, Becca, and your openness to everything fleeting and beautiful. Your work birthing and caring for lambs bred for slaughter must help put things in perspective. You will be a treasure and a blessing to the right man!

  2. I routinely save my photographs from my phone to my laptop, using an interface cable, to free up phone space.

  3. Sometimes I look back at my previous relationships and think that the most rewarding ones were those that involved people with a social and cultural background similar to mine. There’s a commonality there that just makes it easier to relate to the other person and understand each other without having to explain every detail. Assuming those sort of conditions are in place, the second circumstance I consider is whether, if I were not “in love” with this person would I still want to be friends. Somehow writing a description to convey this on a dating site is nigh-on impossible. So we end up with these idiots who “know how to make a fat girl happy”. At least the internet can be endlessly entertaining (and educational) as long as we don’t take it personally.

    • I like you have learned a lot from my previous relationships. I find filling out all the questions and essays tedious and leave some things blank. Sometimes I find I’m a novelty because I am a red headed ginger. I think I may have found a keeper with this man. I am hoping so. But if not I’ll keep chugging along. I always value your insight. Thank you.

  4. Oh, I love the Costanza thing! Let me know if it keeps working. Maybe that’s my answer to all the garbage I seem to have to deal with.
    Great post, Becca!

    • So far it’s working for me. I don’t use it all the time but in relationships I am shy and skittish and am known to run or settle. I’m not doing it this time and so far it is going well. I’m trying to be brave and to open my heart. Thanks for your comments. Always great to hear from you.

  5. Whenever I read one of your posts, no matter what it is about, I always feel better.Best wishes for the new relationship. Nothing but thanks!

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