Irises, Venus & Grace


The last two days have been hot, humid, overcast and stormy. I love the contrast the gray sky gives to highlight the flowers. The garden at the farm is a show stopper every year but this year my boss has outdone herself with the flowers and all the colors blooming. The variety of colors with the irises is amazing. The irises were covered with raindrops this nothing and drew me in. If I ever have room to grow a garden I will plant many irises. 

I included the statue of Venus as love is at the forefront of my life at the moment. Things are going so amazingly well with my new man I had no idea I would ever love again but it seems I have found it with Mike. I am still employing some of Opposite George from Seinfeld and it is working. I am being openly honest in the rejstionship and putting out there what I want and need without beating around the bush. In previous relationships I was quiet about what I wanted and was often reluctant to share what I need. It is amazing to be with someone who took time to know me, talks openly and honestly and does not stifle my life or independence. It is lovely to be with someone who wants to be with me a person who I don’t have to fight to be noticed or wonder if they even know I am there. When we speak we talk of a future.

I was able to get a number of photos of Grace the ewe this morning. She was camera shy and elusive all winter by today she was mellow and let me snap a few photos of her. I shared her photo with Mike and he sees what I see with the elderly sheep-dignity and an ancient wisdom. 

I hope you enjoy the spring time weather and nature reawakening after a long winter. Have a beautiful week!

2 thoughts on “Irises, Venus & Grace

  1. WE are blessed with newness of life…These flower photos prove it and your new man as well! You deserve the best and I am happy for you!! thanks again for all that you share with us! jane

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