Vacation, Love & Sharing


I’m getting ready for a week and a half vacation from both UPS and pet sitting. It has been eight months since I have been off from both jobs. I will finally have time to see my boyfriend’s place this weekend. He brought me an early birthday present today-a DVD set I asked for. I can’t wait to watch it. He is also making me dinner for my birthday. It’s been a long time since a man has cooked for me. It is an exciting time for me. The new man and I have been able to spend about three days a week together. I took him to meet my Mom and stepdad this past weekend. It went really well. The best part is I have taken him to two art shows in the past two weeks and he happily goes. He is a keeper.

I’m looking forward to my nephew’s wedding next weekend. I tried on my dress last night and it fits! Yahoo! The wedding is in New Hampshire. I’ve never been to the lake where the wedding is being held. 

A coworker brought his sons to work tonight and they were quite precocious. They came into my office and my coworker pointed out my wild shoes to his sons. One showed me his shoes while the other crouched down and wanted a closer look at my shoes. They loved them told me have fun as they were going with their dad to get ice cream. I got a kick out the kids. Another coworker’s wife had a baby recently and he shared pictures of the newborn with me. He told me all about the birth too and was astonished the doctors asked if he wanted to be at the business end during the birth. He told me he just kept fanning his wife’s face to help keep her cool. He had me laughing out loud telling me the story.

And now for the photos. The first one I took at the farm with the rose trellis. The second photo is irises at my mom’s the third is a photo of my new man with my mom. Josephine makes me laugh the way she uses fence posts and buckets to use as a pillow. I love the head shot of flash. 

I hope may has treated you well and the weather is fair where you are. May June bring happiness and peace. Namaste.

5 thoughts on “Vacation, Love & Sharing

  1. Beautiful photos! I have to admit May has not treated us in Colorado very well! We have had days and days of rain, and the days it doesn’t rain all day it rains at least once! We are not used to this kind of weather! But I’m sure in July we will be hoping for rain! LOL! I hope June brings peace and sunny days, I need it! Enjoy your vacation!

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