Love, Family & Flowers


Time got away from me once my vacation started. I spent four lovely days with Mike who is pictured in the first photo with Josephine the ewe. We got to know each other better though cooking, talking and spending time together. The relationship is going far better than I had hoped for when imagining what a relationship would look like for me. I’m often surprised recently at people who tell me how lucky I am to find love in my mid forties as if love is only the domain of the young. I have dated more in my forties than I ever did in my twenties and thirties. I was happily single and through trial and error on five different dating sites I narrowed down for me what I was looking for in a relationship. My mom married her third husband in her early seventies and I have friends who have found love in their eighties. I have not wanted to settle for a partner just so I’m not alone. I’m happy with myself and took a chance on a man who I may have passed by before. We have much in common between a love of animals, science, the night sky and birds. 

Another part of my vacation involved heading to New Hampshire for my oldest nephew’s wedding. It was a great time. I shared my room with my other nephew. Upon arriving I joined most of my family for a dinner at the tiki bar on the lake. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my oldest sister’s family Saturday afternoon prior to the wedding. I got to know my nieces better as we don’t always get to see each other between college and work schedules. It really meant a lot to me. The wedding itself was beautiful on many levels. My nephew and his wife make a happy couple and I have my nephew to thank for encouraging me to seek new relationships and not give up. That’s me waiting for the ceremony to start. 

With all the rain we have gotten the flowers have exploded. Lilies black eyed Susan’s and magnolias. I love them all. 

We have had some bangers of storms and the last photo was taken after a particularly nasty storm blew through and then just before sunset the sun broke through producing the amazing color sky. 

What are your plans for the Fourth of July?  

Just wanted to thank everyone who stops by to check out my blog I’m especially thankful for those who continued to check it over the last month in spite of no new posts. I love interacting with everyone. Happy Fourth of July if you live in the United States and happy Saturday if you live elsewhere .


8 thoughts on “Love, Family & Flowers

  1. Glad to see you were having a good time! I am one of those “lurkers” who reads your blog but never comments. A blogger friend of mine recently told me that is rude; I never knew! So here’s letting you know how much I enjoy your adventures and your beautiful pictures! Elle

    • Thanks for the very kind words and I welcome everyone and often winder who is out there reading my blog. I’m amazed still people read it and feel compelled to comment. I really do appreciate it Elie

  2. Our plans for the 4th are fireworks over the lake and our Dairy Queen treat! Glad you are finding happiness with Mike! Happy 4th, happy summer!

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