A Little Bit of Art & Nature

Last Sunday capped off the week of the Plein Air Festival in Easton. Mike and I parked in the public parking lot in my town and walked up town. Sunday was the children’s quick draw contest in which artists under eighteen compete to produce a painting in two hours. They had a two block area to choose their subject. Some stayed on the Main Street painting pictures of the colorfu buildings. Others chose to vehture out a little. I admired one young girl who squeezed herself next to a huge ducks sculpture to paint the church across the street. There were also painting demonstrations, art for sale and music. Mike and I started in the old armory building where all the artists had works for sale that they had painted that week. I could pick out most of the locations the artists chose to paint. I included one photo of a painting in which I saw the artist paint during the week. I loved he chose the mill and silos. A lot of the artists were enchanted by the silos in the center of town as well as the belted cattle herd just outside of town. The best part of looking at all the paintings were the friendly volunteers offering to show the artwork in better light. They never assumed we could not afford any of the art. I am drawn to the paintings of nighttime scenes. We ventured to the academy of the arts to view the winning paintings. It was packed with people so Mike and I sat on the bench in the middle of each gallery to view the works as people walked by. I love that mike will attend art shows with me. He leaned over to tell me at one point I’m bringing culture and science to his life. I pointed out he was teaching me bird calls and other aspects of nature I had no idea existed.
Yesterday we went out to lunch and then on a whim went to Killens Pond State Park in Delaware.  It was a beautiful day with little humidity. 

I have after being with Mike I am feeling a need to downsize my things , clothes art and music. After visiting him at his place and his minimal way of living without many possessions I find when I come home my apartment is crowded with books, art and knock knacks. I’ll see if I am actually inspired to box things up and donate them.

I find myself in a place of much uncertainty but much happiness. I’m not sure where this relationship will go but I am enjoying it very much. I learned I can love again and be at peace.

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend and repotting some houseplants. I hope you have a great weekend.

One thought on “A Little Bit of Art & Nature

  1. Glad to hear you are happy in your new relationship. Just enjoy the ride, Becca! You deserve it. Thanks for the as always lovely photographs. They brighten my day.

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