Pet Sitting, Josephine & No Drama

I am busy with pet sitting the next few weeks. I am astounded by how many people are calling me to try and book me. I have more than enough to keep me busy. I am at the point I can pick and choose which jobs to take. I am often taken aback when people call me to check my availability prior to booking vacations.  I took the first photo of the Terra cotta warrior in one of the gardens where I house sit. I love it.

The second and third photos are of Josephine with myself and Mike. She has won over Mike with her charm and marches up to him to get attention. She loves her cheeks and ears rubbed. Some days she wants attention other days not so much. She is free to approach us in the pasture and also leave so when she does come to spend time with us it is kind of cool. A lamb is also enamored with mike. She escapes the pasture by crawling through the fence. I stop the car to round her up but she ignores me and runs to mike and let’s him herd her back into the pasture while I open the gate. Besides Mike’s quiet soul I notice he gets down to the particular animals eye level when he interacts with them. I’ve watched him gently capture hummingbirds and mockingbirds trapped in a greenhouse and they calm down until he is able to free them. 

I walked into the sunflower field this week to find them heavy with seeds and the birds, deer and squirrels are loving them. I love photographing them even when they are half eaten. 

I have been enjoying getting to know Mike and find myself adjusting to a relationship. I find it is helping me in other relationships and making me realize too some friendships have run their course. It is part of life people come and go and all teach us a lesson. I have tired of drama years ago and am tired of those who need it in their lives I understand some people need it to function but not me. I have found being around mike and his way of approaching things has made me realize I am ready to let go of some things I thought I needed. 

I am excited to start the book Hollow City the second in the series of Miss Peregrines Home for Peciluar Children. I really enjoyed the first book. 

Have a great Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Pet Sitting, Josephine & No Drama

  1. Becca, love your post. I’m happy that life is becoming even sweeter for you. Not all lessons are tough! Enjoy!

  2. This was such a lovely post and left me with a feeling of peace. I am so happy that you are enjoying getting to know Mike and thinking about letting go of what no longer serves you well. Wonderful photos also. Kindest regards.

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