Philadelphia, Art & Mike

  I went  to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with my mom in mid August.  We saw an Impressionist exhibit. It was a large exhibit. Some of the paintings had not been shown together since first painted. My favorites were Renior’s three dancing couples. I also loved a circus painting by Degas. It was a great afternoon. Leaving the musuem we missed a turn due to detours caused by the city preparing for Pope Francie visit this month. Besides enjoying the exhibit it was the first time I noticed my mom slowing down a little. She for the first time did not want to take the stairs but opted for the elavator when offered. She is a few months shy of eighty. But true to my mom nothing slows her down. I found city driving a little stressful and she kept saying I’ll drive. I persevered and we managed to find our way out of the city and back to the farm land where we live. I love living in the quiet countryj but do love my forays into the city. The first two photos are from the day in Philly. The first is the poster in the elavator. 

As always I enjoy photographing bees and flowers and captured a bee in the white flower. 

Things are going well with Mike. That’s him filling a water trough for me. We have great conversations and for the first time in a very long time I’m discussing a future with someone. We have serious discussions when needed but also love making each other laugh. The best thing he said to me recently was the comfort he felt in our silences while sitting outside at night looking at the stars. Comfort in silence is amazing and not always having to talk is wonderful. 

We attended an art exhibit at the local museum and we enjoy going on Sundays when the assistant curator is st the front desk and most people are in church. We had the museum to ourselves and the assistant curator engaged is in conversation over some of the art and techniques used in some of the mediums. I love how welcome she makes us feel especially Mike who can intimidate some with his looks of the bald head, sleeve tattoo and military walk. He can be very shy so I love when people engage him. 

I’m looking forward to visiting Maine in October. Do you look forward to anything about fall? It’s my favorite season. I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend if in the US and a great weekend if not. Namaste 

Ps I took the sunset picture at work. Beauty can be found even in trucking yards.

4 thoughts on “Philadelphia, Art & Mike

  1. Dear Becca, Glad life is going well for you!! I loved your blog and hearing about how you and Mike take comfort in silence…I do forget that words don’t have to fill spaces…and I love the impressionists so hearing about your trip to art museums brings back lots of nice memories of doing the same…Have a great trip to Maine. We were just in Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, but didn’t spend enough time there, so do enjoy your time there! jane

    • Thanks Jane! I love visiting Maine in the fall. I’ve been going for about the part thirty five years. I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. Mike loves the doorstop chickens I have in my place. He especially likes the plaid one.

  2. So glad to hear that you are happy with life and doing well. I love fall too, it’s time for elk bugling again! Unfortunately this fall my husband is having ankle surgery and will be in a cast for a couple of months, no driving for him! So things will be upside down for awhile and we are looking forward to the new year when this will all be behind us! Enjoy your vacation to Maine in October, it should be beautiful!

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