Yellow Flowers & Academy of Arts Museum

I was cleaning out my phone to make space for memory when I came across a few I really liked and zoomed in for close ups. As you know I love yellow. It is a happy color to me. Though I am learning to appreciate blues more. The flowers are starting to die off as summer winds down and fall moves in. I love mums in the fall and Mike let me put three pots of mums on his side porch. 

I recently purchased an original oil painting at the Academy of the Arts Museum in Easton member show. Members are permitted to enter one piece of artwork for display and am outside judge comes in to judge it. Mike gamely went with me to the show. We usually go to the museum on Sunday mornings after the farm when it is quiet and most people are either sleeping in or at church. I tried to purchase a ceramic piece a pet sitting client made but it was already taken. I asked about a painting and was excited to find out it was not sold yet so I purchased it. It is a painting of a local priest blessing some pets during the annual blessing of the pets some of the churches observe. When I went to pick it up I was told how much I made the artist’s day as prior to her coming to pick up the painting no one told her it had sold. It warmed my heart to know I had made her day. I can’t wait to hang the painting. 

The church photo is of an church across the street from the art museum. They recently removed all the stained glass windows from the church and replaced them with clear windows. At night I enjoy driving by it at night on my way home from work.

I have some new books coming in the mail and can’t wait to start them. They range from history, biographies and autobiographies to animal stories. Mike and I have been enjoying How the Universe Works on the science channel. I recently have acquired some science and history courses from the Great Courses catalog. I can’t wait to view them too. I love to learn can you tell?

I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend and find peace, joy and grace as you go.

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