Good Fences…& Moving Forward 

Well I never thought I’d be living with someone again but Mike and I have made the decision to live together. I’ve slowly started moving in and have been deciding what to keep and what to repurpose. I’ve moved one bookcase as well as a nightstand. We are having my mom and stepdad over tomorrow and then attending his mom’s party Sunday. I certainly did not think when I first started talking with Mike that we would someday live together or even consider a future together. I have to say I will miss my apartment. I have stayed there the longest in the past twenty years. It was great to have a permanent home that I did not have to worry would blow over or leak in storms. I really found myself there, battled demons and came out the other side to know who I am what I stand for and hope strong I really am.

What’s the old saying good fences make good neighbor’s? I love the fence line at the farm and at Mike’s which is where the two fence photos are taken. I have been enjoying the fall flowers at the farm. And I’ve enclosed two photos of the flowers with the barns in them. 

One of the best things about Mike is his love of the farm. He enjoys filling the water troughs interacting with the chickens sheep and horses. He usually goes with me at the afternoon feeding. My boss always teases me as to where Mike is in the morning. Mike is not really a morning person. Usually Mike watches me feed everyone and usually refills the chicken waterers. Last week he surprised me when he marched into the chicken house after me and started feeding the chickens while I gathered the eggs. He then got the horses feed ready and even set up the feed buckets on the fence line for me. He does not feel comfortable going into the field to let the horses into their night pasture so I do that. It is a treat to have someone help me feed at nights and I was surprised when I did not have to tell him how much to feed or where everything is.

We head to Maine next weekend to vacation with my family. I can’t wait for them to meet him. We are driving which should be interesting as Mike is not much of a talker in the car. I will be bringing my audiobooks to play when he is quiet. 

Before I go did anyone see the lunar eclipse? I was sad the day of as it was so cloudy and the forecast was not looking good but at sunset the clouds left and we were able to see it. It was besutiful! I hope you get to enjoy the fall colors and cooler weather. Namaste 

6 thoughts on “Good Fences…& Moving Forward 

  1. Good for you, Becca! Glad to hear you two are moving forward in your relationship. You sound so happy – and deserve to be. I am thrilled for you!!! Take care.

  2. I did see the lunar eclipse! It was gorgeous and the moon was red! Also have been up to Estes Park a few times for leaf peeping and elk bugling! A lovely year for the trees this year. It is getting so pretty around town too!
    Wishing you well and much happiness in your decision with Mike!
    Enjoy your vacation, hoping for wonderful weather and happy times for you!

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