Autumn and Wool


Good gracious life can move fast. I’ve been working extra jobs to have a fun vacation in October. Mike and I are looking to splurge on a large quantity of maple syrup. I got him to stop using fake syrup and now he is addicted to real maple syrup. I am looking forward to sharing with Mike my love of Maine and how different the coast is up north than what we have in Maryland and Delaware. He is looking forward to lobsters too. It is the first time I have ever taken anyone with me to Maine. Even growing up I never took a friend with me like my sister did. I cherished my time to unwind when I was growing up as well as now. I am excited to have a man in my life like Mike. He has embraced my love of fall with pumpkins and mums on his porch. 

The sheep are getting their wool for the winter. I have been amazed at how much sooner the sun goes down than it did just a month ago. I know the days grow shorter after the summer solstice and pretty soon I will heading to ups in the dark. But I do look forward to the stars in the fall and winter sky. I’ve missed Orion. I’m hoping to see Sunday’s lunar eclipse but it looks like it will be cloudy. 

I hope you get to see the eclipse and that you embrace fall too!

2 thoughts on “Autumn and Wool

  1. Tomorrow is saying it’s going to be mostly cloudy here too, but I will be watching for a peek through the clouds anyway. Am trying to get the camera set up today for the best exposure. As for Mike…what, no hat???

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