Delaware, Adjusting & Finding the Good

I am currently in the middle of moving to Delaware. I never thought I would leave Maryland and honestly where I am moving to in Delaware is less than a half mile from Maryland. I had planned on moving in March but my landlords are placing the property on the market in January and want to do work to my apartment. Thankfully and happily Mike and I get along beautifully and we were planning on living together in the spring. Mike has been very gracious in hanging my art and not asking me to get rid of any of my books. A friend states I have the library of congress. Mike and I have been working on making his home a home for both of us.

Delaware is my third state to live in. I am adjusting to no sales tax and a large Amish population in the vicinity of where we live. The local stores and even Wal Mart have places for the Amish to leave their horse and buggies while shopping. I love some of the surrounding towns and am only forty minutes from where I have lived for the past six years. 

The first three pictures are of the sunset last night along with the quarter moon. It was beautiful. And provided me with a much needed centering after some health issues, work issues and stress in general. 

Mike’s dog Meadow had adopted me and follows me everywhere in the house. She gets up with me in the morning and follows me to whatever room I am in. She is a sweetie. 

The two lambs were getting ready to butt heads. They are funny.

The final two photos are of a local episcopal church that recently renovated their windows. I love driving by both day and night. The colors of the one window and the stone of the church draw me in. 

Maybe someday I will write about my experiences with on line dating which is where I met Mike and also more animal care experiences. My coworker’s at ups are always surprised I work on a farm on the weekends and in the spring care ewes and newborn lambs. I have always thought about writing a book about animal care perhaps in the style of James Herriott. 

In the wake of the attacks on Paris I continue to find the good in people and the world and maybe I am naive but I think there really are more good people in the world than evil ones. I found the outpouring of support for Paris and how Parisians opened their homes to people who were stranded after the attacks a glimmer of hope. My heart goes out to all affected by what happened. 

In closing I wish everyone peace, comfort and hope. Namaste 

6 thoughts on “Delaware, Adjusting & Finding the Good

  1. Becca, I wish you a cup running over forever! I am so happy for you and the good changes in your life. I hope you’ll continue to post, because I so look forward to your sharings. Be safe, love life, have many blessings!
    Peace always,

  2. Wishing you well in this new stage of life you are discovering! Where you are going sounds lovely, I hope you find it so! So glad you have found such happiness!

  3. Wishing you well in this new stage of life you are discovering! It sounds like a lovely area to move to! So glad you have found such happiness!

  4. Wishing you well in this new stage of life you are discovering! It sounds like a lovely area to move to. So glad you have found such happiness!

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