Happy 2016

I finished moving to Delaware the first week of December and promptly became sick for a week, then ups became crazy as it does at Christmas so I have yet to unpack. I’m hoping to find inspiration to start unpacking. One thing I’ve learned is the longer the items are boxed up the less I need what is inside.

I am hoping to change jobs at the end of this year but may hold on until May of 2017 to complete my twenty years at ups. A veterinarian suggested I consider being a vet assistant after I worked with him twice to see to a sick horse. I’m looking into what additional schooling I may need. I’m kind of excited to maybe try something new or expand my pet sitting. 

I am enjoying my new life with Mike and am amazed at how well we get along. We have a lot of fun together, talk about everything and enjoy learning together. I have been teaching mike the stars and galaxies in the night sky.

I have been busy writing and taking photos. I don’t make resolutions at New Years as I feel any day can be made to start new but I do hope to unpack, write more, become debt free and live each day mindfully. I have been struggling a bit with the mindfulness as frustration with work at ups has caused me much stress and anger. Do you make New Years resolutions? How do you deal with stress? 

The first photo is the moon in the morning, second photo is a red tailed hawk, the third photo is an immature bald eagle. Fourth photo is a front coming in. A farm down the road from me. A young peacock at the farm and finally up close and personal of a flower.

Happy 2016! I sure hope to write more this year. Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Happy 2016

  1. I sleep when I’m really stressed, I eat for comfort, or when bored or tired) , and I avoid what I have to do. So no healthy advice from me.

    No official resolutions, but I try to keep in mind things I want to improve or focus on, serving God, walking, reading, eating healthy food, reading the Bible through, keeping in touch with friends, seeing my parents weekly for some quality time. This year, improving my marital connection.

    I enjoy your posts. I was one of the crazy people that went to ups days before Christmas and thought if you. I’m a procrastinator but I’m definitely going to mail earlier next year.

    Blessings on your 2016.

  2. Wishing you and Mike a world of good things for the New Year. Looking forward to your graceful writing and lovely photos in 2016.

  3. Hi Becca..I’ve been following your posts for a few? years now and have enjoyed your comments and pictures. I just want to say thank you and that I’m very happy for the recent developments.

  4. Hi, Becca! Glad to hear you are moving forward in your new life. I do not make resolutions either, but upon the advice of a wise woman a couple of years ago, I choose one word for the new year. Last year it was “surrender.” This year it is “acceptance.” For me, this seems to work a bit better and is not as frustrating. I handle stress with ramping up my physical activity (exercise, walking, yard work) and/or knitting or other handwork. I hear coloring is a good stress buster, so I purchased an adult coloring book and a pack of Crayola crayons (the aroma brought back such good memories) for myself at the end of the year and will see if that is true. Love all the photos, but the peacock is my favorite! Such brilliant color. Hang in for your 20-yr anniversary with UPS, if you possibly can, but nothing stopping you from also investigating and pursuing additional knowledge at the same time to help with your job transition. Good for you, girlie!!! Take care, Becca. Love, Cheryl

    • Thanks Cheryl. I appreciate it. Have you started the coloring books yet? I’d love to hear how you are doing with them. Acceptance is a good word and maybe something I need to write and post in a discreet place for me to see at work. I think I am going to hang in for my twenty years.

      • Yes, Becca, I started coloring this week and really like it. I am using markers on my current coloring page but will utilize Crayolas and colored pencils on others to find out what medium I enjoy most of all. It is fun!!! Have a great day, Cheryl

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