Sunsets and a Pheasant 

Two of the last three days produced beautiful sunsets. The first two were from Sunday at the farm. The second two I took at work tonight. I love sunsets and find winter sunsets more beautiful than summer ones. Mike knows that I love to photograph sunsets and clouds and never complains when I stop short with the car to take photos. I about gave him whiplash Sunday when I decided at the last moment to jump out of the car to include the sheep in the sunset photos. 

I am slowly unpacking and downsizing. I am astounded at how much I had. I think living alone I indulged in myself and never said no to artwork or books. I am learning that I need less to be happy and really do not want to clutter up the home. I still love my books and art but am being more particular. 

I have been enjoying bird watching and sky watching with Mike. We had lots of songbirds at our feeders during the blizzard that hit Maryland in January. I saw my first eastern towhee. I am at a pet sitting job so Mike has visited me for a few hours on the weekend and yesterday. I decided to take him not far from my job to a nature preserve and outside of the preserve I spotted a ring necked pheasant. He thought I was turning the car around for an eagle as I seem to see eagles everyday. Mike’s face lit up in pure delight to see the pheasant. Neither of us had ever seen one in the wild. He took about fifty pictures of the pheasant. 

I will be glad when winter is over though it has been a fairly easy one here. I long for more sunlight. That is one nice thing about Mike’s home-the natural light that pours in through the windows. His dog and I can often be found following the sun from room to room. 

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to share photos of the lambs that are due to be born soon. 

Hope you are coping with your winter. 

3 thoughts on “Sunsets and a Pheasant 

  1. Hi Becca – Your photo of the 3 sheep in the foreground and sunset in the background with the sunset reflected in the water in the low, wet spot behind the sheep is gorgeous! Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blog – I share your love of animals and all of nature, including the sky, stars, flowers, trees, horses, ferns, all of it. It feeds me in a way that no man-made thing does. Your blog is refreshing and inspiring – I look forward to it. Thanks. – Jan

  2. Catching up on your blog!! What great photos….and I too have decided a person CAN have too many books. Fortunately I have only been collecting quilting books lately, as my other reading is done on my tablet, but collections abound in my house and I need to de-clutter yet again!! Thanks for your inspiration in that regard!

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