Midwinter Blues

I have been struggling with my emotions the past few days. I have cried uncontrollably at times, put on a smile in public and soldiered on. I have been stressed about changes and getting things done. I have always been a listener and people often share with me things they do no share with others however I struggle to find those who will listen to me when I need it. I find it difficult to trust and still struggle at times with Mike and knowing that I can trust him completely. It is a new experience for me. I had not really realized I lack trust in others until I met Mike. Tonight I had an upsetting exchange with someone that shook me to my core. I found myself writing about my exchange and also drawing a little. I understand why Norman Rockwell painted life as he wished it could be. Both his work and Van Gogh’s speak to me on levels that I embrace and feel in my soul. I share these photos as a reflection on history and nature which are near and dear to me.

2 thoughts on “Midwinter Blues

  1. Dear Becca…Perhaps some seasonal affective disorder…I know that I suffer with it (among other things!)…I do think that our relationships teach us much about ourselves, and even over long periods of time, I am still learning more about my issues. Lent started today, and no matter a person’s faith…winter is the time before spring sprouts with new life, and hopefully it will for us as well! Hang in there and I love your blooming Christmas Cactus. I forgot how much I love those plants! Thanks for your blog…I do relate!!

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