Photographing Lambs & Caring for Sheep

As you probably know I work on a farm on the weekends-caring for horses, chickens and sheep. At first I did not have much interaction with the sheep but over the past eight years I have become more involved with feeding them and caring for the lambs each spring. I have tried many years to get photos of the lambs frolicking. In the past my photos were too far away or blurry but over the past two days I was able to capture the lambs enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. These lambs were born on two of the coldest days this year. I enjoy bonding with the ewes and then the lambs. My boss has said the sheep seem to like my quiet nature and in general don’t run from me when I enter the barn or need to separate the ewes or lambs from the rest of the herd. I do not have a dog to help me but at times I wish I did. There are twenty one ewes expecting lambs this year, two pensioned ewes and two rams. I find trying to photograph the animals helps me to care for them. I love to watch the animals young and old. I feel such an ancient connection when I spend time with the animals and it gives me such peace at the end of every day. I love the first photo of Mike and the ewe who stopped by him on her way out to grass this morning. She stood with him for about two minutes as they watched the lambs running all over and having fun. 

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