Changing Roles & Thankful

I really hate when people say “things happen for a reason” especially when they say it to me. Mike’s car accident has forced me to slow down and not plow through my day. After rushing to the hospital yesterday, which was an adventure in itself due to the weather, I found myself forced to stop as they ran batteries of tests on Mike. I am still learning Delaware and where everything is. The hospital parking lots and garage were flooded due to torrential rain storms had dropped. I couldn’t find parking so I threw my keys at the valet and took off inside the very large hospital. I found Mike and the waiting started. I enjoyed sharing some smiles and waves with a small boy who walked by the room twice. The boy came over to me when I stepped out of the room when they were cleaning Mike’s wounds. I have a weak stomach when it comes to people injuries I can handle the worst issues with animals oddly enough. The boy came over to me and made direct eye contact and smiled the sweetest most pure smile. He made my night. While at the hospital everyone was kind and professional. 

In my relationship with Mike he always goes the extra mile to provide for me and be the cook, house husband and mechanic so it was a switch for him to have me care for him. When we got home I got the bed ready for him to lay comfortable with a neck brace on, I got his shower ready, got us dinner snd was the caregiver. I like being able to provide for Mike. He is adjusting to being cared for and slowing down. After he talked for quite a while to insurance this morning we took time to sit on the porch and watch the butterflies, birds and enjoy the cooler weather. I loved watching the sun go down tonight and enjoyed our froggy visitor shown in the second photo. 

I am thankful Mike is not hurt worse and that we can provide for each other. As always I look to nature and the light to keep me grounded.

12 thoughts on “Changing Roles & Thankful

  1. My take on it is that stuff just happens, but not for any particular reason. It is whatever you make of it, whatever meaning you put on it. If an unfortunate event gives you a new take on things–a discovery about yourself–then of course you are going to appreciate the new outlook while lamenting the circumstances that provided it 🙂

  2. Becca,
    Nice job of staying calm, present and grateful. These days of storms and quick moving events are everywhere it seems. I am so happy you are doing well and thriving, keep up the good work. Sending you love and light……..Teri

  3. Becca, I will be including both of you in my prayers. Thank goodness Mike is okay. Everything else is secondary, hard as it is to believe sometimes!!!

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