Machines, Art & Creativity

When Mike and I visited Jon and Maria recently we were excited to see Maria’s studio. Mike is a life long tinkerer of many things starting as a young boy taking things apart and putting them back together again to see how they work. He loved working on cars as a teenager and that led to a long career in the Air Force working on jet engines on the B-52 bombers. Mike is usually calm cool and collected but he lights up talking about and observing machines and engines. When Maria took us into her studio I was struck by the beauty of the wooden floors and walls as well as the incredible view out of her window. Mike, however, was awe struck with Maria’s sewing machine. He said it looked like something futuristic almost out of Star Trek. Maria graciously explained how it worked and how she creates some of her work. I was not the best sewer and the machine looked intimidating to me but Mike and Maria engaged in quite the conversation about it. Mike talked almost as much about Maria’s sewing machine on the ride home as he did about enjoying Red’s company. We were both inspired to write more with Jon’s encouragement and to create a place to pursue our passions. Mike has his shed he just finished cleaning up in preparation for whatever car he purchased. He takes pride in working on his own vehicles. I am hoping to finish up unpacking and organizing my office space at home. I have the best views outside of my window though not the beautiful rolling hills with farm animals outside as Maria has but trees and an open field. The trip we made to New England and New York brought Mike and I closer together. 
Perhaps one day I will be more confident to try working with a sewing machine again. Maria’s machine was truly impressive.

4 thoughts on “Machines, Art & Creativity

  1. I used to make almost all my clothes. My 60’s vintage Singer probably has 100,000 miles on it. Would love to get one of those $7000 Vikings but that definitely is not going to happen!

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