Mike & His Military Life

When I first met Mike I did not know he had served in the military until we met in person. A little know fact is that many men state in their profiles in online dating sites that they are either current or past military. Nine times out of ten it is not true. Mike told me on the phone once that he had served and I was skeptical based on my past experience. When we met I asked more questions and he went into great detail about his service. He served eighteen years in the Air Force as a jet engine mechanic for the B-52 bomber. He was very good at what he did and was an instructor for two years to teach others skills to work on the engines. Recently he showed me his commendations, medals and awards. He is not one to brag or speak much of his service but he has slowly been sharing details of it with me. He lights up when he speaks of working on the engines and throttles of the jet. I am very proud of his years of service despite not knowing him at that time. I have learned much about the VA and navigating it since I met Mike. I wonder at times how I would have been as a military spouse had I know Mike when he served but I’m looking forward to our marriage next year and living out the rest of our lives together.

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