Honesty & Keeping Watch

Mike and I have been together for eighteen months now. As with any couples we bring our own issues and quirks to the relationship. We have been very open and honest with each other from the beginning. I shared with Mike my struggles with depression and bipolar depression that I have had since I was a youngster. Mike shared with me some of his stress, trials and tribulations that can come from being a perfectionist in the military. Mike worked on jet engines and tends to obsess on details others would overlook. He is retired from the military now and has taken that attention to detail and put it into the planning and building of the house we live in. Before I met Mike he lived a quiet life and stayed to himself for the most part. At first he was not too crazy about getting up early to care for animals. He did not enjoy being in public or doing things many of us would take for granted. He did not want to sit by windows or have his back to the door. Now we travel up and down the east coast and locally. Mike smiles, laughs and engages others in conversation. We keep an eye on each other for signs we may be getting a bit blue. He is very aware of my moods as I am his. Still he sometimes gets the thousand yard stare and leaves me behind lost in his thoughts. Today was one of those days. It breaks my heart to see him struggle with the past as many of us do. I feel I have a good insight on his moods based upon my own struggles with depression. He talks of our future and present quite often, which makes me happy, We are about six months from our wedding. We are determined to keep it as stress free as possible. We both are committed to a life of peace, joy, love and adventure. 
I took the first photo at the farm today and in spite of having a tough day we both managed a smile. The second photo I took last week at the farm at sunset.

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