Being Social & Creative 

Mike and I were busy socially this week which is an accomplishment for both of us. Wednesday we stopped by my mom and stepdad’s earlier in the week to drop off Christmas presents to my family in New England. Thursday we attended a coworker’s surprise birthday party at the farm. It was great to see the others who work at the farm during the week that we rarely get to see. It was a laid back fun time that we enjoyed very much. Tonight we attended a Christmas open house and hardly knew anyone there but the hosts. We had wonderful food. We drove home in quiet as being social tends to drain us. I am an introvert and Mike at times struggles with social anxiety. We have both grown so much in the past eighteen months. I told Mike I thought it was good for us to socialize with others at least once a month. My parents and sisters have no trouble socializing or attending parties but I never inherited that gene. I honor and love Mike for overcoming his fears and anxiety to head out into the world with me. He inspires me every day to be creative and has recently been striving for the same thing for himself. Mike is a great cook and is looking forward to branching out more with his recipes. 
Yesterday we had an ice storm and I took the first photo in our yard. I find ice to be fascinating as it can be scary and dangerous but also stunningly beautiful strong and fragile at the same time much like a person. It is how I feel at this time strong and fragile at once. The second photo I feel reflects Mike’s gentleness, kindness and affinity to all creatures. The third and fourth photos are of the ceiling at our friends chapel on their property. The husband built it in addition to building their home. It was amazing. A spiral staircase led underground to a wine cellar and the upstairs is circular and comfortable. The wooden ceiling drew me in and as most know I’m always looking up-at trees, clouds, birds, stars, etc. This holiday season has brought Mike and I to face fears and find strength in each other.

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