Some Rambling Thoughts 

I loved the sky this afternoon as I walked around checking off trucks at work. I find my spirits lifting and feel some of my worry leaving. I have been unable to sleep due to worry over work, money and things I want to get done. Mike is great at trying to help me not worry. I tossed and turned in bed this morning until finally going to the living room to watch tv. I try so hard not to worry or be concerned about some things but then my sleep pattern gives me away. I try to be mindful and live in the present but then my

mind races ahead of me in overdrive and the outcomes of scenarios are never good. I get tired of people assuming they know what I worry about, my situation, my political preferences and most of all assuming I like football. I hate it and can’t wait for football season to be over so I can stop hearing about it. I myself love hockey but I don’t post every game on Facebook or expect people to enjoy it. Most people hate hockey. Reasons being they can’t follow the puck, they don’t understand checking, etc. I love hockey I love to play hockey but am well aware most people don’t even know a professional hockey team. My other secret passion is dressage. Which to most people is about as exciting as watching grass grow but I love it-the history, the work the connection with the horse, it all makes my soul sing. 

I just hope to find my people again after wading through many months of football season. I have found I have insulated myself from others for months and wish to speak and chat about things that relate to my every day life. I find it exhausting to hear and talk of politics and history every day. I get it and I have thoughts and feelings on it too but I also need to live my life the best way I know how. By writing, taking photos, caring for the animals, loving Mike and being silly.

3 thoughts on “Some Rambling Thoughts 

  1. I hear you, I am SO glad f-ball is OVER, and don’t even get me started about the stupid SuperBowl, ugh! I’ve also been in hermit mode lately, I’d rather be home with my dog and cat alone than with other people these days. All anyone wants to talk about is politics and how Trump is going to ruin the world – well the world’s not in such great shape now so shaking things up may be a good thing, but people seem to like complaining more than focusing on life’s blessings. Love those weird cloud photos in the last blog, very cool! I love your photos, please keep it up! And yes, I write in a journal all the time, whenever something seems important or unusual or funny, and it does help doesn’t it? Have a good rest of the week!
    P.S. The short hair looks good on you, still trying to get the nerve to cut mine! 🙂

  2. Absolutely wonderful photos…I hardly get out to see the sky these days and I super appreciate your pictures of it!! Take care!

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