Magic Afoot

It seemed almost as if magic was afoot when I spotted the gray fox in our yard. He started in our back yard then proceeded to the side and front yard which is where I took these photos (from a bedroom window) 

I had returned home from a two and a half week pet sitting job on Tuesday. I sometimes find I have a difficulty being home again after being away for a while. It’s like being on alert all the time while pet and house sitting to not having to be as vigilant. 

I as always look to nature and animals to help me find my balance again. It is a real treat coming home. Driving down our driveway is a way for me to unwind. It is 7/10 of a mile long winding its way across a creek and through woods. I often encounter turkeys and deer when I arrive home in the evening. The driveway spills out into a two acre yard. The house is set back against the woods so the cleared area is our front yard. It is a real treat to watch all the birds and animals who visit us. We have a pair of bluebirds nesting in one bird box while a pair of purple martins have taken up another. Mike has many bird feeders out and has always had been feeding the birds. I was delighted to discover turkeys both male and female who wander through our property. We often have raccoons, possums, squirrels and red foxes visit but only twice have we had the gray fox visit. It made me happy it was comfortable enough to hang out for a little bit. Both Mike and I keep Ted Andrews book Animal Speak nearby and enjoy looking up the different animal meanings. 

I am truly blessed living with Mike and living on the sweet piece of property we own. I am hoping to have one bedroom set up by the end of the summer for writing, painting and photography. 

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