Vacation & Cemeteries

Who knew this vacation would find Mike and I exploring so many cemeteries. We wandered through three in Cambridge NY and found this one in Leominster. I was drawn to the round sphere of a stone. I even caught myself in the sphere. I loved how one stone said thank you for stopping by. Mike and I enjoy learning the history of a town and people who lived there. This cemetery has 378 Union soldiers buried here and many from both World Wars. It was a beautiful fall day to venture out. 

It has been an interesting time for me to relax and enjoy my time off. We have traveled and stayed in three states so far but have enjoyed our time in each. Cambridge NY has rolling hills and beautiful landscape that is so different from the flat flat flat land of Delaware where we live. I loved looking at the changing leaf color and also the differences in the farming between NY and DE. A lot is the same what is different is the land. 

We traveled to Amherst MA after NY and used GPS to lead our way through very scenic land. The GPS did great but at one point we followed a road GPS told us to go on and it gradually turned into a dirt road only to find us creating a hill and coming up behind a farmers barn. I told Mike I thought we were in a farmers field when the farmer himself walked across his drive and waved at us. One of the farmhands looked at us as if this happened everyday. We finally got to Amherst and I drove Mike all over UMASS showing him where I went to college and where I lived. I told Mike I wish I had not been so frightened and shy when I attended college. It took me two years to settle in at college. I am no longer in touch with anyone I went to college with which sometimes makes me sad. I am much closer to friends who I grew up with. I still communicate with them via Facebook and letters. I’m old fashioned and still write letters. 

We are staying with my nephew and his family for a few days prior to heading to Maine. It has been a quiet and relaxing visit. My great nephew seems to enjoy my company and smiles a lot. He is pretty laid back as are his parents. 

I had a wonderful conversation with Jon and Maria prior to leaving. They have inspired me to write more and continue expressing myself and even step it up some! Stay tuned! 

One thought on “Vacation & Cemeteries

  1. You’re not the only one who no longer keeps in touch with anyone they went to college with…my roommate is the only one whose whereabouts are in my contact list! Fortunately we were such good roommates that when we do very occasionally see each other it’s like we were just talking yesterday.

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