Love and PTSD 

Life has been in a constant state of flux for a year now. I am getting better at dealing with change and going with the flow. I found in dealing with my mental illness that people are still wary and uncomfortable knowing I have it. Mental illness acceptance has come a long way but still carries a stigma. People are more comfortable with sick days at work for the flu, migraines or any physical ailment but try to call out when struggling in the throes of a bad mental health day and you get chastised, told to get over it or the worst…When others state there is nothing wrong with me.

I knew from early in our relationship that Michael had PTSD. I have observed it and witnessed it’s hold on him. I have heard people doubt that he has it. I am often astounded that people would never think of telling someone with a heart condition or cancer that they don’t have it but think nothing of telling someone dealing with mental health issues that they do not have any problems. I was told recently to get over the struggles I was experiencing trying to be there for Mike, to be strong but at times it can be harrowing to hear what he experienced. I assume others have the same degree of compassion for the suffering we all have in our lives but am shocked when they say hurtful and unhelpful things. 

I don’t often speak of my troubles and worries to others and am grateful to my friends who are there for me. I am thankful to be on life’s journey with Mike. He recently started therapy for the PTSD. I can see an amazing transformation already in a short time. He has embarked on a few projects around our home and property. He has big dreams and takes steps towards fulfilling them. One of them has been cutting a trail through the wooded part of our property. It is where he feels at home and safe with nature and wildlife around him. 

I hope to write more about our journey with the PTSD. I have found writing though difficult lately has helped as well as photography. I took both photos yesterday at sunset.

One thought on “Love and PTSD 

  1. I am looking forward to reading more, from you, on your experiences with mental illness. This is such an important topic, and your thoughts are so valuable.
    Thank you for sharing your journey, and your beautiful photos. 💕

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