Body Image

I am struggling with my body image when riding. I don’t often think about my weight or how others see me but for some reason when I see myself on a horse I get to feeling mortified and embarrassed by my weight. I have never been a thin person. I am fully supported with my pursuit of riding by Mike, by my riding instructor and by the owner of the horse. It takes me a while to feel comfortable enough to watch the video Mike records of my lessons. 

My instructor tells me my position is very good though I have a tendency to drop my left hand in my lap. I exercise and for the most part watch what I eat. My weight gain started with the side effect of medication. Now I am struggling to lose weight. 

I have always loved riding and being around horses and farms. I feel at home there. Accepted. 

I thought back to Maria’s belly dance blog posts and her subsequent love my belly pot holders. I found I do not love my belly or most of my body and must do more work on my acceptance of myself. I found I don’t feel worthy in spite of my confidence and self assuredness. 

I am most definitely a work in progress and hope to view myself differently this time next year.

8 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. Your beauty, and happiness, shine through, as you ride your horse……..
    That is what I see, when I look at this photo, and I wanted you to know

  2. I have never seen a—shall we just say “large”?—person who did not look better on the back of a horse. And by “better” I don’t mean skinnier. There’s just something about sitting a horse properly that conveys confidence and satisfaction. As long as the weight of the person can be handled by the horse in question and the rider is not interfering with the horse’s movement (the horse will let you know if you are the problem) then nothing else is relevant. Enjoy your rides and your relationship with the horse! Ride for joy!

  3. Keep at it Becca, you’ll get there as you get to all the places you want to in your life. and good for you for posting the pics of yourself. That’s such a good place to start. And by the way, You look great!!

  4. Becca, feel good about the skill you are learning. Try not to see what is wrong but but is right. I have the same issue too and it is a constant struggle to overcome. I know beautiful skinny women who can’t walk from one side of the room to the other without tripping over their feet. You look beautiful on that magnificent creature.

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