Winding Down 2017

Heading into 2018 with hope, determination and joy. I hate New Years resolutions so this year I decided to name them goals and limit it to five goals. I am still working on my list but have found that five is a workable number for me. 2017 has been an exciting year filled with many ups and a few downs. Mike and I are working hard to find peace and joy every day. It is the first thing we think about after waking up and saying good morning. I ask what will bring us joy and peace today. Some days we have an answer right away and others we have to review at the end of the day to see what brought us peace and joy. The holidays have been hard as it can be for many others. Mike has been working hard with the PTSD therapy which has brought up lots of feelings, emotions and anger in him while I have struggled at ups to maintain my balance specifically work life balance that is the catch phrase now a days. Mike and I have found that we find our peace and balance in nature, cooking, communicating with each even when it is difficult and just being quiet with each other. 

With Mike’s therapy he has been waking up angry and sometimes it can take him hours to be quiet and calm again. Mike struggles at times to see how far he has come in a short amount of time. He struggles with how long he has lived with PTSD and the rewiring of his brain that the therapy is attempting to achieve. I can see a change in the two and a half years we have been together-the biggest changes are in our travels and interactions with others. When I first asked Mike to travel

to Maine with me we were gone for five days. This past October we were gone for two weeks. We traveled over five states in two weeks and enjoyed ourselves meeting people and seeing places. To put into context this achievement-when I first dated Mike he would not sit on his beautiful porch with lovely rockers on it. I would sit outside by myself for a few minutes before he would come outside. We started with five minutes on the porch two years ago and now many times I find Mike on the porch for over an hour at a time morning, noon or night. 

We are looking forward to this weekend when I have three days off. Then in another week I am off for two weeks. We have some chores on schedule for the first few days of vacation then we are visiting two of my aunts and hope to do some birding in lower Delaware where a snowy owl has been sighted as well as many short eared owls. I also hope to get to Assateague to see the horses.

3 thoughts on “Winding Down 2017

  1. So gratifying when you can actually see the progress, no matter what the topic is. Too often we don’t see it because we’re “with” the topic every day, making changes so incremental it’s difficult to appreciate them. Lovely end-of-year post, wishing you both all the best!

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