Remembering What is Important 

Driving to the farm this morning after a gorgeous sunrise we were treated to the sight of the local hot air balloon. Usually when we see the balloon it is at a great distance but this morning the balloon was coming in for a landing on a harvested wheat field. It was a happy moment for me and I pulled over to capture a few shots. I loved the color against the sky. 

The balloon was never in any danger in spite of my taking the photo with silos and electric lines in the shot. 

I enjoy thinking about the freedom of riding in a balloon but have no desire to climb into one. It has been an interesting vacation as it was not at all how I envisioned it playing out. I had visions of much relaxation, checking off my to do list and having great fun. Instead it evolved into many things coming up, my to do list being set aside and being knocked down by a friend’s passing. As I reach the end of my vacation I have found that again what is important to me is front and center and Michael and I are working hard to achieve my goal of leaving my nighttime job and find another part time job. I am really hoping to find a job at a horse farm and also expand my reiki practice. I did not get my to do list done but when I truly think about it the to do list was not important. Things will get completed when they get completed. And I will continue to march towards my philosophy of always reinventing myself and always for the betterment of me!

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