Soaring Heart

My heart soared high today as Michael and I came across a field filled with a sea of white. As we say there watching quietly all the sudden the massive flock took to the skies. They called non stop as they circled overhead twice before settling back in the field of harvested corn. Now if seeing that awesome display of nature doesn’t get ones heart racing something is wrong. I felt myself smile, laugh and both Mike and I spoke in hushed tones. I find nature a constant source of renewal and a place to renew my creative spark.

2 thoughts on “Soaring Heart

  1. Yes! Unexpected moments like that definitely lift the heart and make life worthwhile. Awesome sighting. I spent a good part of my afternoon watching four deer sunning themselves and grooming each other in the corner of our tiny field in the woods, protected from the gusty winds. They were more important to me to watch than any to-do list. Awesome photos.

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