An Unexpected Visitor

As I stood in shower rinsing off I looked up and saw a lady bug crawling across the ceiling. Ladybugs are rare visitors in January in the state of Delaware. It had been a pretty rough day for me to that point. However after seeing the ladybug my spirits lifted. I like to think it is a visiting spirit as some Asian cultures believe. A dear friend passed away two and a half weeks ago and I like to think it is her spirit checking in. 

I have felt connected to the natural world since I was a small child and as an adult I devoured Ted Andrews Animal Speak and Nature Speak books. I find most of the signs and messages are relevant to what is going on with me. Recently Michael and I have been treated to barred and great horned owls calling at night. Two days ago it seemed as if barred owls surrounded our home. They were calling from the trees in back of our home, from the front yard and from the side yard. They called for a full hour prior to moving on. 

Do any animals speak to you? 

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