Everyday Heros

Driving to work this afternoon I was treated to the ever changing colors of the light dancing across the clouds. The day started off with the snow showers and ended with bright sunshine. 

Tonight while driving home I listened to the podcast RadioLab. The episode I listened to was called How To Be A Hero. The hosts explored the reasons behind why some people help out above and beyond what most others would do. They interviewed a man from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. The Carnegie Hero Fund was founded in 1904 to recognize individuals who are not military, police or firefighters and who without regard to their safety help others. To date their are 9991 individuals recognized. I try to read the list every year when it comes out. It was a compelling episode to listen to with three heros- the first was a woman who saved another woman from a bull mauling her, the second was a man who rescued three teenagers from a burning car and the third was a man who lay on top of another man who had fallen onto the subway tracks in NYC. They were squeezed between the rails and the train went over top of them. Other than minor injuries they were alright. Listening to that got me to thinking about every day heros. 

I’m not talking about Carnegie level heros but people who quietly go out of the way to help others without even knowing they are a god send. Michael went to lowes last week alone to pick up some items needed to fix a few things around the house. Prior to meeting me Mike would shop usually at three in the morning for groceries and early in the morning for anything else. He does very well when we go out together but still sometimes has issues with being out in public. He becomes nervous and tries so very hard to control his nerves. Anyhow at lowes last week he parked away from everyone and went inside to get what he needed but once inside the door he forgot where in the store he needed to go. An angel named John approached Michael to ask if he was ok and did he need help. John was very quiet and shared with Mike that he himself has social anxiety. John also figured out Mike was former military. With Johns help Mike found what he needed and calmed down to be able to finish what he needed to do. He told me all about it when he got home. It is a big thing for Mike to venture out on his own and not many people understand the amount of energy it takes for him to achieve this. To me John is my hero for reaching out to help Mike in a kind and gentle way. I really want to thank him for that. It takes so little extra effort to be nice. 

Other heros are my friends-some of who help refugees and the elderly. Another friend helps those with addictions. Still another friend helps all animals. I truly believe there is more good in this world than evil though it can be hard to see. I however see heros everyday.

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