Sunset & Sunrise

The sky has been a treat the past twenty four hours. Sunset last night was a stunning purple and orange. I stayed near a phone at the front of the building at work so I could enjoy the sunset while still working. This morning when I got up I could see the orange in the sky even though the bedroom faces west. I went to the front porch and snapped a few photos. I love the light of the sun. I wonder what sunrises and sunsets are like n planets that have two Suns. 

Lambing season starts in another month at the farm. I am hoping it won’t be as nine chillingly cold as it has been in the past three years. 

I have made a decision to leave my night time job in late fall and am excited as well as a little apprehensive. Mike and I sat down and developed a plan on how to achieve this as well as decide what sort of job I would like next. I will continue with my pet sitting. I am hoping to offer reiki to pets and people to supplement my income. 

I have told friends and colleagues to keep an eye out for any animal care taking jobs that they may hear of. I have had good luck in the past with networking through friends. So fingers crossed it works again. 

I am finding my mind and heart expanding as the light from the sun grows more each day. I am hoping to branch out a little creatively and possibly draw, write poems or even short stories.

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