The Moon, Venus & Mercury

The moon, Venus and Mercury (just out of the shot) were gorgeous tonight. The site of the moon and planets took my breath away. It has been a busy weekend-spring cleaning our home and caring for the animals at the farm, especially the ewes and lambs. Two lambs were born this weekend. Michael and I work well together to tend to the sheep with minimal stress to the herd. We usually bring the newborn lambs and their moms inside the barn for at least one night. It helps them bond, gives them a break from the worry of predators and allows us to monitor to make sure the lambs are getting the milk they need. I wish I had paid more attention in college when they were teaching about sheep and goats and their care. I also wish I had taken the practical classes they offered. I sadly did not and only focused on horses with a vengeance. I have learned a lot from my boss and the hands on training I have received over the past ten years. 
On a different note I am doing the cooking tonight as Michael is cleaning our back porch in preparation to stain tomorrow. I love to cook but often times Michael does the cooking for us. His thinking is that I work at night so he wants dinner ready for me when I get home. It is still something that I feel odd about especially after cooking for myself for eighteen years. So I tonight I am whipping up a favorite of mine. Macaroni and cheese with tuna and panko mixed in. I ate it a lot in my poorer days and still love it. Nowadays I use fancier cheese than I did then. 

I was reflecting on my life recently and am still awestruck at how different it is now from even four years ago. But at some point I grabbed life with gusto and decided I wanted happiness and peace. I found it and look forward to what the next year will bring as big changes are in store for me. 

I hope you saw the moon and planets tonight. If not check out the western sky not long after sunset if you live on the east coast of the United States. 

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