Sleep, Creativity & Signs 

When Michael and I started our spring cleaning we set a tight time frame to complete everything. We have been working both inside the house and outside on the property. Some of it was minor things we had put off-staining our porches, clearing the gardens and getting the carpets cleaned. We will have everything done by next Friday. Yea done before the actual start of spring! 

Having projects to focus on helps Michael. It helps him to not dwell on the past. He works hard to move forward with the PTSD but one of the curses with PTSD is the tendency to stay in the past. One place where this creeps in and stays a while is nightmares. The last two nights have been difficult with Michael waking up terrified and yelling. It is somewhat easier in waking hours to consciously work on moving forward, staying in the present and being mindful. That all changes when sleep arrives and the unconscious takes over. 

One of the things that helps both of us is, as always finding ways to channel our creativity and embrace what we love. Michael has been cooking is us some fine feasts for dinner. He is a great cook and honestly does most of the cooking. I try to cook on the weekends. I have been enjoying birding and am eager to photograph the lambs that should be arriving any day at the farm. I keep hoping Mike will take more photos as he is a wonderful photographer who puts a lot of thought into his photos. 

I have been finding strength and inspiration in nature especially all the messages and symbols in some of the sightings. We had a great horned owl visit us up close over the weekend. We usually hear them and barred owls calling at night but rarely see them. It was such a treat to watch the owl watch us before moving on into the darkness of the woods. 

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