Recovering & Thankfulness

After about ten days I think I have finally kicked this cold. It knocked me down, dragged me through the trenches and then finally let go. I missed three days of work and had no voice for more than a week. It was the worst I ever felt and it exhausted me. 

Mike and I took a field trip to Rehoboth beach on Friday and had the best time. It was just what we needed after working so hard on our home and property for the past month. In addition we were waiting on the results of my IRS audit-I lost and now owe. It makes me sad that I pay two state taxes, federal tax and self employment tax make less than $50,000 a year and always file my taxes on time to be hit with a sizable tax bill. Mike has been my rock through it all and also makes great strides forward in his PTSD therapy. While in Rehoboth we visited a cool spice and tea shop and I want to drive back tomorrow and get more peppers and sugars. But alas I may have to wait a few weeks to go back. Mike was relaxed in Rehoboth as was I and the town was fairly quiet as the full blown tourist season has not hit yet. 

It has been grey and cold here but the sun came out today and there is talk of warmer weather finally coming the end of this week. The farm was quiet this weekend. No new lambs and only one bottle baby to feed. I have been enjoying the return of the Ospreys. Mike and I have many bird feeders outside our dining room window and love watching the birds, squirrels and rabbits. Things are starting to quiet down for us and we look forward to being proactive and not reactive to what happens as we move forward.  

Sometimes when I am sitting quietly in our home I can hardly believe that I am married and how grateful I am that I opened my heart. It just amazes how different my life is now than it was just four years ago. I loved my single life and I now love my married life. It is work but the pursuit of happiness is work. It must be cultivated and not allowed to be taken for granted. The words of the Dalai Lama have always stayed with me when he said it is easy to be angry and bitter as it takes no work and people feed off of it but happiness takes work and becomes easier as you work at it. 

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