A Quiet Life

Today was a day of quiet contemplation and rest. It was the first truly warm day of the year. The breeze was warm and all of nature seemed alive. Turtles and toad were out, osprey soared overhead, the horses kicked up their heels which at their age was a sight to see. 

I am making a conscious effort to slow my life down and just be. I found when spring cleaning was done this year the thing I desire most is time-free time, my time to do with as I please. It seems as though society says we must fill our days and nights with activities and I am the opposite relishing in the active pursuit of just being and not having to do something all of the time. I love listening to podcasts and music. When I was sick recently I discovered a sweet podcast that comforted me. It is called LeVar Burton Reads. He reads short fiction stories. I find his voice comforting and it really helped me to relax when I was struggling with coughing and breathing while sick.

My coworker’s are often shocked when asking what I am doing on my vacation and I answer staying home. It seems almost inconceivable to them. As a child, I never understood why my dad, who traveled all over the country for work four to five days a week would want to stay home on his vacation. But now I get it and embrace it. I have all I want and lead a fulfilling life. A quiet life is what I want. 

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