Three Years Ago

Today is three years since Michael and I first met. We were both scared to death and fearful to open up to another but we both committed to trying and kept pushing through our social anxieties. It has been quite a journey and a roller coaster ride but there is no where I would rather be than with Michael by my side. 

I have found that I went from being happy being alone and enjoying my life and was ready to do so until I left this earth. But my nephew Jeremy kind of kept pushing me quietly over the years-asking if I was dating and not to give up. My friend Jenn was my cheerleader listening to my tales of woe with disastrous dates and making me promise not to settle for just anyone so I was not alone. Prior to meeting Mike I had been on five separate online dating sites and went on a couple of blind dates set up by well meaning friends. With Mike it was different. He right away was kind, caring, respectful and handsome. He asked questions about me and my life and was not intimidated by my independent streak or odd work hours. He has told me prior to meeting me he felt dead inside and now he feels alive. 

I never thought I would be married again but am ever so glad Michael and I decided to take a chance with each other. We make quite a team! 

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