Rehoboth Beach & Just Being

Michael and I drove to Rehoboth Beach today. It was fairly quiet by and on the beach and it was tshirt weather. Some people were sunbathing while others walked their dogs on the boardwalk. I love this time of year when everything is relaxed and not frenzied as it can be once Memorial Day hits. Michael and I walked on the beach a little and enjoyed the boardwalk and watching everyone. I managed to get a mild sunburn despite only being in the sun for fifteen minutes. The joys of being a redhead. 

Michael and I watched the waves for a while. I got a kick out of the little girl hauling a treasure in her bucket. I don’t know what it was but it was heavy as she stopped three times. 

I find the ocean to be as soothing to my soul as the night sky filled with stars and planets. There is something mesmerizing about the wave and the sheer vastness of the ocean. Whales are migrating through but out of sight. I love the way people tend to slow down at the ocean and just enjoy being. That is what Michael and I did this afternoon. It is a gift and a treat to only live an hour from the ocean. 

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